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Hi Wages!

About HiWages.com.au

Australia's Part-time, Casual and Temp Job Seeker's website (100% free)

Welcome to Hi Wages!

Hi! My name is Adam and I created this website. HiWages.com.au is an Employment website for part-time, casual and temporary jobs in Australia.


I have created this site because I think it is unfair that employers are being forced to pay high prices for posting their advertisements. It may cost up to about $150 to advertise a single job on other websites. I believe that posting jobs should be free..

For you, the job seeker community.

I often wonder why other websites charge so much for their job advertisements. It seems like the other job websites are mostly thinking about making money, instead of trying to genuinely help the job seeker and employer. The major employment websites in Australia are owned by big media moguls who's profit targets are more important than anything else. Hi Wages believes that the REAL CAUSE is to bring jobs for the job seeker community.

Meet The Team

I operate this website single handedly, and I've built this website from the ground up all by myself. Other major job sites typically employ hundreds of people, however it does not take much people to run a website like this.

I need your help!

I run this website on my own. However, I cannot change things without you, the community! Here are some ways that you could help my cause:

  • Spread the Word! Help spread the cause of my website! Tell your friend, send a text message, blog about it, scrawl it in the sand! Comment about it... doesn't matter whenever negative or positive.. (I would be happy to talk to some reporters / journalists too.)

  • Visit HiWages.com.au regularly! This would help immensely and I can't thank enough if you become a regular on here! Even if you visit this site once a month for no reason at all except to help the traffic, your help will be greatly appreciated. Well, I cannot give you anything in return except I hope that you will have a warm fuzzy feeling every time because you are doing something good, and I hope this site has helped you in some way.


  • Add a link to my site from your home page or blog ('Link Partner' option is also available)

  • Employers with a job, please do not hesitate to advertise on my site! All job posts are free.

  • If you are looking for a job, please spare some time post your resume! You will have a better chance of finding a job, and your contribution will help by attracting more Employers to this website! (You can always choose to block your personal details when posting your resume)

  • If you know someone who is looking for a job, please let them know about my site.

  • Please report any spam or suspicious job advertisements to the email address given below.

  • Please let me know any suggestions for improvements.


If you want to link to our homepage, copy and paste the following HTML code:

If you want to link to our website with a logo, then here is the URL to our logo: http://www.HiWages.com.au/images/logo.gif 

Recent Success

Here is where I will give everyone updates on the recent success. As of March 2007, Hi Wages achieved:

  1. Hi Wages shows on the first page on Google for the following keywords: 'part time jobs australia'. Traffic form the search engines is increasing every month. Thanks, Google!

  2. Last January 2006, Hi Wages posted 21,000 visits for the entire month. That's 696 visits per day. This March 2007 Hi Wages is reaching 914 visits per day on average! That's a huge increase for this month, and looks like it will be a new record. If the visitor count grows only by 300 every month, Hi Wages will be huge by 2008! Thanks to everyone who supported my website. I cannot thank you enough!

I am very pleased, the traffic is growing every month which means that this website has a very good chance to reach critical mass and succeed. I just do not know when... 1 more year, 10 more years, who knows... I hope to update this section with some more good news in the future, and I hope you can come back soon to see how things grow!

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